Artemis at Vault Festival

Vaults festival 2019
27th Feb - 3rd March, 21:00 - 22:00 ( Matinee 3rd March 16:30) 

Join Artemis as she dives into the visceral possibilities that our current relationship with the natural world is heading us towards.

'Set in a future where the world has drastically changed. In the pits of a disintegrating city, Artemis awakes surrounded by brick, stirring from the echoes of prayer, to witness the consequence of our actions & the destruction of nature.'

A multidisciplinary performance, set to the backdrop of an eery underground vault where the archetype of the Guardian 'Artemis' weaves together humanities story through aerial circus, physical theatre & movement.

Haunting images of a deer skull are juxtaposed with soundscapes, spoken word and song to create a mesmeric performative ritual, offering up a journey of transformation, through the emotional landscape of grief, rage, reconnection, commitment and hope.

'Every part of the performance was beautifully crafted, with a powerful use of silence, an incredibly effective minimalism of set and one of the most evocative monologues I've experienced in years.' - Audience Feedback

Alana is an artist, performer & facilitator working with the themes of mythology, ritual, archetype and environmentalism through the creative expression of physical theatre, movement & aerial circus. She regularly dives into immersive & interactive roles and facilitates movement journeys, retreats & residencies.

Alana has been working as an event's coordinator for the Psychedelic Society over the past year in Bristol & London. She believes that psychedelic substances create a greater sense of understanding and interconnectedness and are essential for us to dispel the myth of separation and come into better alignment with the natural world & living planet and they have played an important part in the development & realisation of this story and show.

Alana is currently fundraising with her team to produce, rehearse and perform the piece at vaults festival. Please check out the gofundme page and read about the story. Your support is super valuable whether you can offer £££ or simply share the campaign.




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