Ayahuasca Symposium

The Ayahuasca Symposium is a holistic event, integrating the academic and spiritual worlds. It’s aim is to provide you with a thorough introduction to the sacred Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca, and the inspiring community that has emerged around it.

The full-day program incorporates 9 speakers, a sacred ayahuasca ceremonial music concert with 6 acoustic musicians plus a DJ Set, a Palo Santo & Mapacho smudging ceremony, a Cacao ceremony, and plenty of time for community connection.
Vegan Lunch and Dinner available onsite from Gaia Pulses for a small cost.

At a time when ayahuasca ceremonies have become popular, but are still misunderstood and legally-persecuted spiritual practices, The Psychedelic Society intends to provide a balanced approach to the facts, issues and best practices surrounding this ancient plant-based medicine. Curated by psychedelic luminary, Benjamin Mudge, this event welcomes a line-up of internationally reputable speakers and soulful musicians.


LORNA LIANA: Founder of Entheonation.com - "Introducing Ayahuasca: Tea, Tradition and Ceremony"
HELENA AICHER: Global Ayahuasca Project, "Survey Results from the Global Ayahuasca Project"
CHARLOTTE WALSH: ICEERS Legal Advisory Committee, Steering Committee of the Ayahuasca Defense Fund"The Legal Status of Ayahuasca, ICEERS & the Ayahuasca Defence Fund"
TOM JOHN WOLFF: Author and researcher, "Ayahuasca Tourism in South America"
DANNY NEMU: Author & Theologian, "Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions"
KERRY ROWBERRY: Researcher, Bristol University, "Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the United Kingdom"
BENJAMIN MUDGE: Dept Psychiatry, Flanders University "Psychotherapeutic and Psychiatric Uses of Ayahuasca"
SOPHIA VASILIOU: Founder, Awakened Potential "Preparation and Integration, Before and After Ayahuasca Ceremonies"
DON GINO CHAKA RUNA: Author & Peruvian Ayahuasca Healer "Peruvian Ayahuasca Shamanism, and the Spiritual Journey of the Ayahuasca Ceremony"

Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremonial Music Concert, with Cacao Ceremony, featuring:


The Ayahuasca Symposium will be the largest ever event dedicated to ayahuasca to have been held in London, hosted at the beautiful The Old Baths, near Hackney Wick Overground station:

The Old Baths

80 Eastway, Hackney Wick, London E9 5JH


09:00 Registration
10:00 Opening Prayers, Palo Santo & Mapacho Smudging Ceremony
10:30-12:30 Talks by Lorna Liana, Charlotte Walsh & Helena Aicher
12:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Talks by Tom John Wolff, Danny Nemu & Kerry Rowberry
15:30 Break
15:50-18:30 Talks by Benjamin Mudge, Sophia Vasiliou & Gino Chaka Runa
18:30 Dinner
19:30 Cacao Ceremony
19:50 Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremonial Music Concert with Gino Chaka Runa, Yakuruna, Lunah Silver, Gilda Silva
21:30-22:30 Shamanic DJ Set with Othon
22:30 Close

NB: There will not be any ayahuasca tea at this event. This is an educational and advocacy event, only.

For any inquiries please contact: info@ayahuascaconference.london

Please note that we can not offer refunds or exchanges. We do welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know.

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