Blood Love: Harnessing the Power of the Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is an ancient gift and a superpower that we can use to help centre ourselves and tune into our creative nature in our busy and hectic modern lives. It’s never too late to gift yourself the wisdom of your cycle, no matter where in life you’re at. 

Join us for an embodiment workshop on menstrual power, where we will explore the creative force of the menstrual cycle through movement, rhythm and sound. You will walk away with practical tools to help you connect to your inner wisdom that will nurture you for life as you rediscover the inner gold and peace of loving your blood power.

We’ll draw parallels between the different phases of the menstrual cycle and the seasons of the year to help us to explore our inner spring, summer, autumn and winter. In a world where the menstrual cycle is considered taboo, and where we are expected to constantly perform and be productive, this work offers a profound source of healing, love and creativity. As we learn to honour all parts of the cycle, especially the more subtle and quiet energies that are not valued within our society, we step more fully into our power and agency.

By learning about the menstrual cycle through creative exploration, individuals will gain profound insight into the art of cyclical living and reconnect to the practical treasures of this ancient wisdom.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning about the menstrual cycle regardless of gender or sexuality or age.

About the Facilitator

Inka Linda is a womb artist, emotional clearing practitioner and menstrual mentor with a passion for helping people reconnect to the healing and creative wisdom of the womb. Through her art, workshops and one to one sessions she enjoys sharing the wisdom and divine love of reconnecting to the womb to empower others.

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This event features a lot of movement, if you are not sure if this is suitable to you please contact the facilitator.

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