Body Poetry: Unearthing the Wisdom of the Body

Body Poetry is a learning journey inviting you into the wisdom of your own body through movement, writing, play and meditation.

Using these mediums, we will experiment with different ways of connecting with intuition of belly, bone, and heart. Body Poetry is a practice of stepping away from the cognitive realm of over-analysis, judgement, or self-doubt, and into the fullness and trust of our feeling state.

Allowing stories of body and of word to move through us, we will give space to the parts of ourselves which often exist on the periphery. Our intuition and our freedom are often locked in these hidden aspects of our being. By bringing our emotion, desire and animalness into full expression, we can experience understanding, release, and integration. Invitations to play, connect and collaborate will create safe opportunities to witness and be witnessed in our own unique Body Poetry. Different writing exercises will deepen this journey through the body-landscape, and will allow us to reflect upon and creatively re-calibrate what lives inside of our cells.

As we discover more of what moves inside of us, we will also meet new ways of moving through life. We will remember what it is to allow the body to dream and to imagine, together and alone. We will practice shape-shifting between different states of being, learning to respond to situations with a sense of expansiveness and possibility. We will continue embodying this physical fluidity as we move language through us in writing and in voice, exploring how we connect word, dance and flesh.

Let's come together to learn, unlearn, dream, break, release and create, as bodies.

Doors open at 6:50 and close at 7:00. Latecomers won't be admitted.

About the Facilitator:

Sophie Marsh is an artist and facilitator who guides writing and movement ceremonies and workshops for adults in a range of outdoor, indoor and community group settings. She creates spaces where people can experience the depth and truth of their own body wisdom, where they can express freely, and where they can play and connect as feeling, animal bodies.

You can find out more about her work here:

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This event is hosted by the Psychedelic Society. We aim to shift the public perception of psychedelics and strengthen the global psychedelic community through hosting a regular programme of events including talks, workshops, meditations, gong baths and dance. For more information check out our website -

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