Breathe Free: A Guided Meditation & Breathwork Journey

A deeply held and empowering breathwork journey, designed to activate your innate capacities for self healing and self actualisation.

Using breath, sound and movement you will be guided into a deeper connection with your self, your body and your present moment experience.

Supporting you to release what’s no longer serving you and calling in more of what you truly desire. Dissolving and resolving mental, emotional, physical and energetic blocks that have been holding you back from accessing and expressing your highest potential. Setting you free to feel lighter, clearer and more fully alive.

Everyone is welcome, exactly as you are. Whether you’re completely new to the practice or have years of experience, you’ll receive the medicine needed to support you on your unique path.

REMINDER: The breathwork journey may bring up a variety of emotions. At times it may challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. When you’re held in a safe and loving space without judgement, experiences from the past that have been stored in the body are able to be expressed and released. This is completely natural and part of the healing process.

Facilitator Bio:

Kyle is a transformational coach, workshop facilitator and tantric practitioner. Trained in numerous modalities she supports the integration and alignment of mind, body and soul. Creating sacred, meditative experiences that connect people to the inner source of their love, freedom, presence and power. Supporting them to experience more profound states of intimacy, joy and connection and empowering their unique magic and gifts.

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