Join Gaia Harvey Jackson and Stephen Reid for their second Cacao Ceremony at the new Psychedelic Society HQ.

Following the success of their sold-out first ceremony, Gaia and Stephen return on Halloween to celebrate the Celtic festival of Samhain, where the veils between worlds are at their thinnest. Limited to just 30 spaces.


7:00pm Doors open
7:30pm Opening circle: Intention setting, drinking and meditation (no entry after 7:30pm)
8pm Ecstatic dance
9pm Sound bath
9:30pm Closing circle
10pm Close

Stephen ( and Gaia ( are experienced facilitators and space holders who have worked with cacao and many other teacher plants. They have participated in cacao ceremonies across the globe including at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala; Inanitah, Nicaragua; and Ängsbacka, Sweden. Stephen is a lead facilitator of the Psychedelic Society's Psychedelic Experience Retreats, whilst Gaia faciliates the Psychedelic Women's Circles.

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