Clay and Kundalini

“State of Flow" is a state of being where the ego falls away and one surrenders to the moment in complete immersion with the activity. Each action, movement and thought flows with ease from one to the next. Your mind and body enter into a dance of synchronicity.

When is the last time you took out time for creative play? How would it feel to unlock the creative spirit inside of you? Letting it run wild and free across our lives - business, family, relationships, thoughts and ideals. This workshop will allow you to work with clay to build you own ceramic vessel. The time is dedicated to connecting to our individual creative centers, exploring and entering into States of Flow.

States of Flow are associated with the prefrontal cortex. The part of your brain responsible for our conscious and explicit mind state. When we enter a flow state, this part of the brain is quieted, and the result is a separation from our inner critic and voice of doubt. Dopamine and serotonin, our pleasure-inducing chemicals are released, which have a direct impact on our creativity, imagination and courageousness.

Together, we'll spend time opening space to connect to our inner creative source, unpack the notion of creativity, explore ways to release blocks and go beyond. Creativity is the underlying nature infusing all of life, and is our true essence and life force. In the session, we'll use Kundalini Yoga to drop into our body, clear our mind and stimulate our creative life force energy. Like yoga helps to stretch our consciousness through movement, play helps our creative energy flow.

We then go back to our most primal source, our hands, to form a ceramic vessel, filling them with the our intentions, they will serve as a container for our creative selves - physically, emotionally and energetically. Each vessel will be a symbol to hold our intentions, mindset, and voice. Throughout the experience, we'll draw on the lessons we can learn from clay's incredible journey of transformation and how we too, can unlock that in ourselves.

As pressures grow, impacting our mind, wellbeing and experience of life, we'll explore how to deconstruct this process for more useful applications for everyday experiences. If we were able to enter a state of flow more freely, what impact would that have on personal and collective wellbeing? How might we experience more out of life?

The workshop will include:

- 1 personal handmade ceramic vessel

- Intention setting to plant the seeds for our creativity to grow

- Kundalini Yoga and meditation

- Unblocking limits to creativity

- Connecting with earth energy through clay work

- Explore the power of small shifts for transformation

- Spend time with play, having fun with our inner creative child

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." Carl. Jung

Orenda Ceramics will manage glazing and firing following the event. Finished ceramic pieces will be available for collection within 4-6 weeks.

Facilitator Bio: Orenda Ceramics

Robyn is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and founder of Orenda Ceramics. Each piece is handmade in East London and designed to help build physical spaces for daily rituals that help open personal space in the body and mind. Her workshops use clay as an active meditation practice to help people reach new depths for their creative selves, and connect to their unique potential. You will leave her sessions feeling a new opening, a sense of creative freedom, connection and power to carry with you.

The roots of Orenda Ceramics stem from the earth, and the transformation that takes form once fused with nature’s elements. Her designs and workshops draw parallels from the elemental lessons it brings. We too, have the ability to transform with our own innate powers - breath, body and movement.

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