Colloquium on Psychedelic Psychiatry 2018

The Swedish Network for Psychedelic Science proudly presents Colloquium on Psychedelic Psychiatry 2018. This will be the first Swedish international conference on the applications of psychedelic substances in psychiatry. Join us for two days of highly interesting presentations and discussions on cutting edge science and meetings with researchers and clinicians with expertise in the field.

Confirmed speakers include:
Michael Ashton, PhD | Alex Belser, PhD | Alicia Danforth, PhD | David Erritzøe, MRPsych PhD | Deborah Gonzalez, PhD | Charles Grob, MD | Jeffrey Guss, MD | Boris Heifets, MD PhD | Thomas Kingsley Brown, PhD | Jeffrey Kamlet, MD | Matthew W. Johnson, PhD | Alexander Lebedev, MD PhD | Mendel Kaelen, PhD | Kim Kuypers, PhD | Elizabeth Nielson, PhD | David E. Nichols, PhD | Tomas Palenicek, MD PhD | Torsten Passie, MD PhD | Jordi Riba, PhD | Stephen Ross, MD | Ben Sessa, MD | Fredrik von Kieseritzky, PhD | Anne Wagner, PhD | Eric Vermetten, MD PhD | Rosalind Watts, DClinPsy

Additional speakers to be announced. The conference will take place 13-14th of October 2018 at Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm. Accommodation discounts and couchsurfing opportunities are available.

Limited Summer Discount: €330 (3400 SEK)
General Release: €350 / 3600 SEK (€235/2400 SEK with student ID). Breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments included for all participants. Members of NPV receive a 200 SEK discount. Become a member at

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