Dancing Freedom

Dancing Freedom with Sophie Bolton

Dancing Freedom is a facilitated movement meditation dance practice accompanied by sumptuous and inspiring music. It's a place to feel who you are rather think who you are. To feel your true heart's expression by simply moving your body. To dance freely, waking up the energy in our body is to remember that we are intrinsically part of and connected to the natural world.

Dancing freedom works with the five elements, (earth, water, fire, air and ether) to inspire the tangible relationship between the natural world and the body's natural rhythm and beauty. Sophie mixes using musicians artistry from many different genres and cultures that speak to the human heart and soul, to earth, fire, air and water! The practice is open to all.

Sophies Bio

I am dedicated to facilitating dance spaces where people can become more awake to their life's passion. I am a Yoga teacher, Dancing Freedom facilitator and DJ. I have danced, free of self consciousness, all my life and that's because I started as a little one to help me through life challenges. I am passionate about music and how it moves the body to release tension held inside, encouraging a greater sense self worth where life's dreams can be made reality.

I currently hold a regular Dancing Freedom community in Frome, Somerset, as well as DJing for conscious dance nights, Ecstatic Dance events, festivals and retreats.

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