Durga Kali Mythic Yoga Flow: Empower & Breathe

Durga Kali Mythic Yoga Flow: Empower & Breathe

Join us for an empowering practice themed around our ability to impact the world around us. We will dive into the myth of the Goddesses Durga & Kali as we chant mantra, practice asana and come to understand what we can do as yogis to embody our values and share our power in the world. The yoga will be fierce, opening us to our fullest potential, connecting us to our heart and our inner divine feminine. Durga is the warrior - she represents courage and the power of love. Kali is the wild one - she represents our ferociousness and fearlessness. Kali is born out of Durga's third eye during an epic battle. Men welcome too!

With a love of yoga and meditation that has spanned over a decade, Amisha Ghadiali’s own “burn out” led her to train as a teacher, which in turn opened a giant rabbit hole into the mystical realms. Her classes are strong yet relaxing, focused on clear alignment and moving from the heart. She has a calming presence and uses playful themes, mantra and experience of exploring world wisdom traditions, to leave her students with inspiration, grounding and joy they can bring into their daily lives. Amisha is a 500 hour certified Yoga teacher and is a modern day priestess, reiki master and intuitive energy healer. Amisha hosts the podcast The Future Is Beautiful which explores how we can live more meaningful lives.

www.amisha.co.uk / www.thefutureisbeautiful.co

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