Elemental Dance: Embodying Rebellion

Elemental Dance: Embodying Rebellion

On the 15th of April Extinction Rebellion have manifested an International Rebellion! ‘Elemental Dance: Embodying Rebellion’ will be supporting this movement by creating space to connect with the elements, and to express, experience & embody our emotions around climate breakdown. It is a space for us to invite in our grief, our rage, our joy, our fear and the unknown.

By giving ourselves permission to feel and move through these emotions, we create the potential to let go, process, cultivate the arrow like energy to support our participation in environmental activism.

Our intention is to explore the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit that are present in every aspect of the natural world, bringing each of their qualities into our bodies, learning to call on them as we rebel and rally.

Fire: Transformation. Can be called upon in moments where intense energy is required.
Earth: Nourishment. Can help us to land & ground ourselves before or after action.
Air: Communication. Can help to strengthen our voices so that our message can be heard
Water: Surrender. Can bring us into flow state, and help us adapt.
Spirit: Stillness. Can be cultivated to manage overwhelm in moments of chaos & upheaval.

Elemental Dance is an imaginative movement journey, working with the different elements, through dancing and seeking out there qualities & rhythms. It’s a space to connect with the body & physical expression whilst exploring how we can embody the different qualities of the five elements; Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Spirit.

This space is held with the spirit of giving permission to ourselves. There is no right or wrong way. We encourage you to dance with curiosity as we shape-shift through embodying the elements.

Elemental Dance has been influenced and inspired by a number of different practices that Alana herself regularly participates in, including Contact Impro, Movement Meditation, Yoga, Physical Theatre, Cacao Ceremonies, Somatic Bodywork, Rolfing, Five Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance and many more.

Alana Bloom is an Artist, Performer & Facilitator passionate about embodiment, creativity & physical expression. She works with a number of other artists and facilitators to create expressive creative experiences, workshops and retreats. For more information check her website www.alanabloom.co.uk


Previous Participants:

★★★★★ - Malou Herkes

★★★★★ - Ola Forman

★★★★★ - Justine

★★★★★ - Laura Reeves

‘Alana weaves a magical narrative that sweeps your imagination along and I was surprised how emotionally involved I got - I really felt her visual imagery surround me, it was wonderful and freeing.’ - Jessica Legon

'I enjoyed the journey we were taken on, as well as the music and found the experience quite powerful, very physical, liberating, calming, maybe even transforming.' - Colette Ozanne

‘Alana’s facilitation is brave and instinctive, rounded and direct,’ - Participant, The Warren 2018

'Her mixture of skill, authentic expression, intuition and pure feminine power as a facilitator, ritualist and artist have empowered, inspired and catalysed my own authentic creative expression.’ - Participant, The Warren 2018

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