Elemental Dance

Elemental Dance


∞ Elemental Dance Journey’s use the elements and their different qualities to explore our bodies, our imagination and the experience of our senses helping to activate our physical expression.

∞ As we dance and explore the different energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit, we give ourselves and our bodies permission to open and express. We incorporate the qualities of these elements, playing with both familiar and unfamiliar rhythms that can help us discover new dynamics, movements and physicality within our dancing.

∞ Over two hours we will open the space by setting an intention together as a group, then we will explore the different elements and their qualities through dance, movement and imagery, using this as an opportunity to process and integrate. The journey will be guided with different visual ideas and imaginative propositions for participants to explore physically, all to a carefully curated soundtrack. This space is about getting stuck into our physical expression and imaginations and how this can help integrate different emotional states that we are experiencing in our live.

∞ In our current society, there is still much disconnection from our bodies and there is still much importance in learning from our physical experience. Dance is a way that can connect us with what is happening in our bodies and allow us to express our emotions whether they be challenging or joyful. It also has the potential to allow us to expand our awareness and cultivate a feeling of interconnectedness by activating our happy hormones and improving our energy through physical exercise.

∞ Alana Bloom works as part of the Psychedelic Society and has been running various different movement and dance journeys over the past year in Bristol & London. She is an Artist, Performer & Facilitator passionate about embodiment, creativity, physical expression, ecology, myth and natural cycles. She works with a number of other artists and facilitators to create transformative creative experiences, workshops and retreats. She is currently preparing for a five day run of her solo show Artemis at the Vaults Festival and producing a number of retreats from March up till September 2019. For more information check her website www.alanabloom.co.uk

What people have said about Alana’s Movement Journeys:

'Just wow, this was absolutely incredible and not what I was expecting at all! I love ecstatic dance and was intrigued, and what I found was something that fused ecstatic dance, with poetry, story and art! Alana weaves a magical narrative that sweeps your imagination along and I was surprised how emotionally involved I got - I really felt her visual imagery surround me, it was wonderful and freeing. it feels like exploring Alana's VR world that was carefully designed to lift you up and make your soul sing. She made beautiful visual and poetic choices and takes you to places where you can access parts of yourself you may have forgotten were there - I certainly did. 10/10!' - Jessica Legon

'I enjoyed the journey we were taken on, as well as the music and found the experience quite powerful, very physical, liberating, calming, maybe even transforming.' - Colette Ozanne

Tickets £15
Low Income £10
Limited to 20 Spaces
Thursday 7th of February
7pm - 9pm

Please contact alana@psychedelicsociety.org.uk with any queries using the subject title 'Dance Journey.'

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