Family friendly evening with gongs, singing bowls and other relaxation inducing instruments where parents are welcome to bring their children with them to get 'bathed' in the gong sound together. The session is designed to be shorter than our regular gong baths for adults and more gentle regarding the volume of the instruments played.
The gong bath is best experienced when lying down, so please bring your own mats, blankets and small cushions or pillows. We invite you to get yourself comfortable and surrender to the sounds that quiet down busy mind, relax the body, induce mindfulness, nourish sensory perception, inspire to daydream and to expand creativity.

* * *
We understand that it might be difficult for some younger children to stay still during the session, so if they feel like moving a bit that's fine, but please make sure your child doesn't disturb others and keeps as quietly as possible.
Please note that you have to accompany your child all the time and everywhere in the premises of the venue.
One parent/adult can come with up to three children (minimum age 3 years old).
Adult/Parent ticket: £12, Child (3-17 yo): £6
For security reasons you will have to sign in at the reception when arrived and sign out when leaving.
No food or drinks (except water) will be allowed in the hall. After the gong bath tea will be available in the lounge area.
* * *
Doors open from 18.15
Gong Bath starts at 18.40
Tea 19.40 - 20.00
* * *
For any enquiries please contact Kat: or
Kat Bumbul/Sound

Refunds: Please note that we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. We welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know or via Ticket Swap

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