Fooling Workshop with Joanne Tremarco

The Fool as Lucid Wanderer, making manifest The Invisible.

Join acclaimed performer and theatre maker Joanne Tremarco for a workshop exploring the archetype of the Fool. Jo stunned Bristol audiences this past May with her sensational voyage beyond the veil The Birth of Death. She will be bringing her improvised romp around female pleasure Women Who Wank to the Cube stage in November!


Each of us will turn up to the workshop with our physical bodies – presenting how we wish them to be presented and at the same time giving away traces of secrets through the idiosyncrasies that we haven't been able to preen out of ourselves or hold back. This workshop will welcome and celebrate these revealing treasures and quirks that somehow managed to get out of line, and wave to the audience in spite of the tight rule of our internal dictators as they are clues to what lies with in!

Beyond our physical bodies lies the inner world, which both keeps us separate from one another (as we preoccupy with instead of being fully present in the room) and connects us. The 2 Os in the word Fool remind us that we have an inner world and an outer world, that there is you and that there is me. If you squint your eyes those Os could look like the eight of infinity – reminding us that those worlds are connected, and that the eight can be untwisted and opened up and turned in to one big 'O' of realisation. One big world where we are all one.

During this workshop you will be invited to play in the intersection between those 2 Os and to begin to make 'scene' the unseen. I am curious about the relationship between all the unseen worlds. The unseen world of my conscious imagination, and your conscious imagination and how through fooling I/we can surrender and step into the same playful space together.

For many years people have told me things in my dreams that turn out to be true to their life circumstances, leading me to believe that this inner world that we carry with us every day is actually a realm, a place where we can meet beyond time and space. When my mother died and I did meditations to meet her on the astral planes, I dreamt of her and we talked about how it was going for her. I started to posit that the place where we go after death could actually be related to the places we go to in our dreams and the places we go in imaginary play.

Although much has been written about this in philosophy and religion I am trying to be simple in my approach to find a tangible way of exploring this through theatre and play – in which we can make believe despite what one believes. Can fearless play help us prepare for a fearless death? Who knows?

And yet the invitation to you, is to gather around the time of the day of the dead, when the veils are said to be at their thinnest. To dis-cover and honour our dead dreams and deceased loved ones and to be be re born fool-hearted.

Joanne Tremarco has been working with the Archetype of The Fool for 14 years, for 7 of which she has been touring solo improvised plays under the title of Women Who Wank, which endeavour to link the audience up with the archetypal world, discovering what holds us back and propels us forward and going to places angels fear to tread.

The Fool is Zero and so has nothing to lose and can become anything. They live in the world beyond judgement and yet can show us something about how judgement shapes our reality.

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