From Eleusis to Acid - A Ceremony to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of LSD

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Albert Hofmann's discovery of LSD we'll be creating a psychedelic ritual experience that will take participants through history, from the magical bicycle rite of Albert Hofmann to the entheogenic initiations of Ancient Greece.

This two hour immersive workshop will be guided by occultist and writer Julian Vayne author of Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony, and Gaia Harvey Jackson, ritual leader, performance artist and space holder for the Psychedelic Women's Circles. We will use a range of consciousness changing techniques including voice and breath work, movement, gong and drumming, inner journeying and meditation. Equipped with these ways of altering our awareness we will explore the story of LSD and the impact of psychedelic substances on Western culture. Using an accessible and inclusive ceremonial approach we will seek to recover into our ourselves and our culture the wisdom of the psychedelic gnosis for the benefit of all beings. This is going to be an amazing and transformative trip! 

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