Inner Visions: A Blindfolded Gig with Pataphysical

Inner Visions is a series of live music performances to blindfolded audiences. Inner Visions brings a meditative, sound healing quality to contemporary live music, with performers specially chosen for their fitness and potential in the blindfolded setting. For the first in the series we are delighted to invite…


Join Pataphysical on its immersive sound experience, cultivating inner space. Original compositions combine field recordings, live synthesizers, psychoacoustic effects, surreal narrations, provocations, anecdote and disembodied voice in 4.1 surround sound. That’s how they produce a psychoacoustic deep listening journey. What you don’t hear, you soon absorb otherwise.


Blindfolds serve to heighten the remaining senses and remove presumptions made possible through sight. In doing so, blindfolds induce a state of receptive, active and embodied listening, richer in feeling and presence. We are excited to bring this depth of awareness and connection to the experience of live music.

Please note:
* Upon arrival, and when ready, you will be blindfolded, guided into the main space, made comfortable with roll mat and cushion, before experiencing the performance. Chairs will also be available if preferred.
* Please switch off mobile phones before being blindfolded.
* Please arrive at 20:00. Doors will be closed at 20:25 and the performance will begin at 20:30.
* There may be some body contact while guests are lying still on the floor – if this might be an issue please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss preferred arrangements.


Dark Matters LDN specialise in the use of blindfolds, offering immersive experiences like no other, which completely absorb participants and take them to another world of heightened senses and creativity. We explore the unique nature of blindfolds to create a diverse range of immersive experiences including collaborations with restaurants and bars, live music, and immersive theatre productions. Our goal is to bring us closer to our own body and senses and to return to a state of ‘mysterium tremendum’, awe-inspiring mystery.

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