Instant Enlightenment

Enlightenment? Instantly? Isn’t this vastly over-promising?

What if experiencing your inner-Buddha was much easier than you thought?

I work with a methodology from Zen Buddhism that helps people to shift between states of mind effortlessly and instantaneously, including transcendental states that might normally take hundreds of hours of meditation to achieve.

Over the course of the evening we will explore anger, sadness and fear in a way that will help you balance, accept and integrate them.

The workshop will culminate in having a direct experience of the Buddha aspect of your own mind - limitless, peaceful and compassionate.

This will help you to break down your sense of being a fixed, separate self, in a similar way that psychedelics can help you break out of the boundaries of normal consciousness.


‘It’s helped me to realise what I’m doing in this world - the aim of this short visit. I’m so happy that I came. Thank you very much Andy.’ - Sarah

‘It was enlightening, uplifting, revealing, scary, pushing my comfort-zone... I was able to acknowledge feelings I’ve suppressed for a long time. It felt like a healing space.’ - David

Revelatory. Hugely valuable. Really revealing of how much potential there is to work with in the human mind, where we can go with those states of mind, how creative we can be and how empowered we can feel as a result. I’ll take away huge comfort that’s there’s always potential to grow and we don’t need to get stuck. Huge comfort and joy.’ - Kate


Andy Hix is a coach and mindfulness teacher who works in companies, schools and prisons. A few years ago he met a former monk of 10 years who felt that practicing so intensely had not effectively alleviated his suffering. Having left the monastery the ex-monk discovered a technique which Andy will be teaching in this workshop. He uses it in his work to help people deal with depression, anxiety, physical pain and to have a much more greatly expanded perception of who they are.

Access: Events at our Homerton space are up two flight of stairs, so we are sorry to say we do not yet have wheelchair access.
Our UK events are intended for a sober audience.
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