Introduction to Bwiti: The Science of Initiation

This talk will permit Afro descendants and anyone curious about the roots of African spiritual traditions to dialogue with Nzambe Divanga, an initiated Bwiti Nganga (shaman) and a confirmed representative of the Gabonese Bwiti rite.

This is known in the West primarily as the culture in which the Iboga root plays a central role โ€“ being a powerful and atypical psychedelic that has proved effective in treating opiate addiction, we invite you to discover the wider initiatory tradition in which it is used in West Africa.

The purpose of the discussion is to provide an introduction into the science, wisdom, and power of an orally transmitted and experienced based tradition insight into how and why the secret society as an institution has been and continues to be the very sacred heart of African cultural transmission. This talk invites the participant to inquire what exactly is meant by connecting to and communicating with our ancestors.

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