BY NIGHT, THINGS GET S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y weird, with our Post Human Party - held in partnership with The Psychedelic Society of Bristol.

A crazed eco-sensual communal shindig.
A wild art-house party for interbeings.
Finally, a political party you can get down with.

Tickets available from

*This is an 18+ event*

Hello creatures. KIN’s Posthuman Party is a transformational blend of the fantastical and the elemental. A gathering of tribes of all forms and feelings, celebrating the micro- and the meta-. Dance with the ancestors and craft the spaces of the future, where critters and kin can lose themselves and find each other.

Dress up, and engage in some character building. Hang more baubles on your identity tree as a multi-zone of performances swirl around the venue. There will be walkabout, live music, dance, calls to prayer, immersive states and vows of silence all taking place as we put spells and smells on each other.

It’s about the joy of play, play being an essential form of learning, the most basic means of empathy. We’ll re-remember that continuous line from the big bang up to this present moment. Let’s recall how, along the way, we split into an uncountable infinity of birds, bears, sweet wrappers, supernovae, pole dancers, messiahs, pebbles, pigs, government departments, fictional characters and real, fleshy human beings.

Can you recognise yourself in another? Can you put on your spandex, sweat out the indifference and learn to dance in this napalm rain? We are ecological beings, swimming not drowning in the waters of psyche! Pool party!

With performances from Alabaster dePlume and Friends, Dj Haram, Tom Ravenscroft (radio) and free makeovers from Miss Miss HerNia & Co, a proto-pus performatrix who started life as a sassy globule of the Whitechapel Fat Berg. We did say it was going to be weird.

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