Listen Deep #1: & Yet & Yet

In this new series of collective active listening experiments, we will take an album / piece of music and listen to it together in a focussed, meditative state.

Sit, lie, move, dance as you wish in response to the music, so long as you respect the space and each other!

There will be a check in before the music begins, and a short introduction to the music by the session leader. There will also be a final check and feedback session after the music finishes to share responses to the music.

The music for this first session will be ‘& Yet & Yet’ by the Canadian instrumental band Do Make Say Think.

“It is human, it is varied, it is happy and sad, contemplative yet not inactive, atmospheric yet it demands active listening and, best of all, it is ambitious yet unpretentious.”

Musique Machine

The session will be led by Sam Weatherald, musician and community organiser with Sunday Assembly East End. Please get in touch if you’d like to run a session yourself, the aim is for this format to be open to all.

Minumum donation £5. Any profits will go to the Psychedelic Society.

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