Love Always Wins

LOVE ALWAYS WINS Premiere - An evening of storytelling, poetry and song by Laura Lamn

No matter how dark the dark is, the dawn always breaks
We can be forgiven for our mistakes
We can heal our heartache
Love is all it takes

An evening of storytelling, poetry and song taking you on a journey from darkness and depression to bliss and beauty.

Following a series of painful experiences, including a botched record deal with Warner Brothers in America, heartbreak, and physical and mental illness, Laura found herself in a dark hole. This darkness became the birthing place for transformation. Laura was lead down a yellow brick road of healing experiences including; ice water therapy in the Netherlands with Wim Hof, drinking Amazonian jungle medicine Ayahuasca 30 times, and rediscovering her connection with nature with wild swimming.

Her forthcoming debut album LOVE ALWAYS WINS tells the tale of this metamorphosis. This show is the premiere performance of her album, which will be released early 2019.

About Laura Lamn
Laura Lamn is a folk singer, raconteur, artist, dancer and poet originating from the Garden of England, Kent. She is an unstoppable whirlwind of creativity, who is dedicated and devoted to inspiring others and spreading joy. Laura Lamn is a proud Ambassador of The Psychedelic Society.

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