75th anniversary of Albert Hofmann´s incredible consciousness transforming discovery - a 4 day symposium event in Switzerland, with renowned speakers, stimulating workshops, round table discussions, science, art, music, the chance to repeat the original bike ride on the exact route, plus more.

music // live
Zen Baboon, WIDE AWAKE, Estas Tonne Music,Mich Gerber, The Konincks, The Legendary Lightness
All Ship Shape, Len Sander, The Return Of Bigton, L Twills, Joel Olivé, Samuel Dread J Elmiger, uvm.
music // dj
Niju, LOKKE, Timboletti, Donna Luetjen , Lina Charlotte, Julian Ohne Fuchs, G E D ∀ N K E N V E Я L U S T, Koray Yildirim uvm.
performance // art
Mark Paul Divo, Youlia Lia, Ivan Merlin, Irma Hirsl, Maya Minder, Jaguar on the Moon, @fanny yemmely uvm.
workshop //
Svea Soleil, Vanja Palmers, Lucius Wertmüller, Joel Olivé, Pho Tona

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