Mastering Harmony: Sound, Laughter, Movement and Breath

A unique, transformative process that creates mental, physical and emotional balance.

The result of years of research and studies in different disciplines, including the science of vibration, laughter yoga and nada yoga, sound and music, psychology, psychoanalysis, applied movement neurology, Chinese and Vedic medicine, metaphysics and mysticism, Mastering Harmony is an experiential journey that incorporates laughter, sound, movement, voice work, breathwork and dance.

The combination of these elements helps to restore us to our natural state of harmony - something we all long for deep inside.

"The live music composed in the moment unlocked a part of me that needed to move… allowing myself to experience the sound fully unlocked a deep awareness of vibration and sensation in the body. Immersing myself into the journey let me experience joy, peace and overall fulfilment." - Deborah Galloway

What you can expect:

Therapeutic Improvised live music
Laugher Session
Dance and movement exercises
Unlocking meridians systems
Facia stimulation
Synchronising hemispheres – Nada Yoga(Yoga of Sound )
Opening the voice
Sound bath

What you may experience:

An increased state of relaxation
Developing one point of observation
Releasing anxiety levels
Learning about the difference between reaction and free choice
Sleep enhancement
Increasing oxygen in cells
Immune system regulation
Stress reduction in the sympathetic nervous system (SNS)
Increasing lymphatic circulation
Increasing levels of nitric oxide
Quick change from Alfa to Theta brainwaves

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop… it took me on a wonderful journey, and I really benefited from it.” - Ellis Kerkhoven

Sabio Janiak is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, cellular resonance therapist, laughter yoga and breathwork practitioner. His work with world famous artists and his ability to play over 100 different instruments has contributed to his unique musical sensibility and understanding of sound and vibration.

In 2012 Sabio become a certified Cellular Resonance Therapist. During the course of these studies, he became familiar with Chinese Medicine, tuning forks and vibrational acupuncture therapy. These practices, coupled with deep research of the science of sound and vibration, led him to study other different healing modalities including, theta healing, bio-acoustics, applied movement neurology, laughter yoga, Qi Gong to name a few.

In 2014 Sabio distilled his knowledge into practice into the creation of Mastering Harmony, through which he helps others to restore our original blueprint of wellness, balance, peace and harmony to our everyday lives.

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