Ministry of Us - Support for Spiritual Practitioners

Ministry of Us is a new network of people and places who work in service to what is sacred, without traditional religious affiliation.

healer - witch - guide - coach - shaman - hacker - monk - contemplative - facilitator - programmer - curator - therapist - connector - diviner - steward - ceremonialist - organiser - tender - restorer - carer - campaigner - ritualist - apprentice - keeper - grower - maker - archivist - regenerator - medicina - spaceholder - convener - body worker - light worker - energy worker - tantrika - sorcerer - doula - activist - herbalist - practioner - mediator - alchemist -

If that's you - some or all of the time - then Ministry of Us is for you. 

* Ministry of Us recognises that many of these functions in society and culture would have been fulfilled by an established priesthood. 

* Ministry of Us recognises that many spiritual practitioners are working with people's souls in service to the sacred without nurturing community, institutional or public support.. 

* Ministry of Us recognises that humanity is living at the brink of collapse, and that the work of sacred practitioners is more needed and valuable than ever. 

With all of this in mind, Ministry of Us is hosting a series of accessible events, retreats, workshops and pilgrimages throughout 2020 in order to draw a circle around a transformative generation of spirit-keepers, to ask relevant questions about spiritual leadership, community tending and collective purpose in this time of Great Turning, and to grow answers that will evolve in collaboration with Nature. 

In this 5-hour taster day at the Psychedelic Society, you can expect: 

- witnessing and acknowledgement of your service and dedication to sacred practice; 

- discussion on the shared challenges and opportunities facing sacred practitioners at this time in history; 

- Embodied Grief Tending practices to release blocks and tension regarding your service to the sacred; 

- Ministry of Us Seven Points Transmission; 

- invitation to participate in a call to action; 

- opportunities to network, gain support and build confidence in your offering to the world. 

Ministry of Us is initiated by Beloved Sara Zaltash, a performance artist, diviner, public mystic and self-taught minister of all faiths and none. They hold a BA and MA in performance, post-graduate qualifications in Persian Language and Literature and Quranic Arabic, and half a Graduate Diploma in Law. They are a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute, Associate Fellow of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, committed weaver of Find the Others, member of Extinction Rebellion’s Vision Sensing Circle, Ceremonies group, Faith Bridge and co-founder and co-host of XRTV. Sara is a lifelong student of theological, esoteric and mystical practices from multiple traditions and teachers, specifically all Abrahamic faiths, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Druidry, multiple animistic and pagan practices, and applied thaumaturgy. Sara is known for their internationally acclaimed adaptation of the Islamic call-to-prayer, The Call, which the New York Times reviewed as “a radical act of worship”. 

For more stories, reviews, testimonials and pictures about Sara’s work, please visit their website 



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Our UK events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask you to respect this request. 

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