Mother's Day: Grief and Devotion Ritual

Sunday the 31st March is Mother's day. For thousands of years, across many traditions this has been a day of worship and devotion to the Divine Mother and all her archetypes. This day is to acknowledge Mother Earth, or Gaia, our blood mother, and the mother within us all.

This day can certainly be challenging to ones who have lost their mother figure, or find their relationship causes them pain in some way. This is a place to grieve what we have lost, both individually and collectively, personally and interpersonally, from the root of the earth, to the fire in our hearts.

We will honour our sadness, and remember the love we feel for all the Mother archetypes in our life. This is an evening of celebration, nurture and femininity; to honour ourselves and all that we are held by!

This ceremony will include:

  • letter writing
  • archetype forming
  • guided meditation
  • movement release
  • heart sharing
  • song
  • prayer
  • altar building

Come as you are, with whatever is alive in you- all is welcome and will be celebrated. We are here to witness in community, and to hold a safe space for each other to express, heal and transform.

Please bring with you an object that has some significance to a mother figure for you, a sacred object, an object from the earth, whatever you feel a piece of your heart in. We will build an honourary shrine together throughout the evening, and just like the impermanence of life, take it all down as we leave.

And... You are also welcome to bring your mother with you!

There will be freshly made herbal blend of tea and fruit at the end to close.

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