Organic Movement & Theatre Lab

Award winning performer and facilitator Danny Kearns introduces the building blocks of his practice, inviting you to tune in to your body's natural impulses.
Through solo, group and partner work you will increase physical and energetic sensitivity, deepen your receptivity to others, and cultivate greater awareness of mind, heart and body.

Theatre is a place where we can liberate ourselves from our own limitations of who we think we are.

Organic movement is that which is harmonious with its surroundings. It is a state of readiness; to be alone or to connect with a partner. Organic is to strip away the inessential parts that get in the way of authentically expressing oneself. It is quiet, listening, elastic, strong and soft, allowing the mind, heart and body to work in conjunction rather than in isolation or opposition.

Session lead by
Danny Kearns

Studied at East 15 Acting School in England, graduated the Physical Theatre course 2008-2011. Co-founder of “Fools play collective” where he co-wrote and performed in a series of short films, winning the Edinburgh 2011 Dance Film Festival, “What is Dance?” award with the short film ‘Chasing your Shadow’. Performer and workshop facilitator at Studium Teatralne in Warsaw from 2013-2017. He took part in performances - ‘Szepty Ziemi’, ‘Król kier znów na wylocie’, ‘Party take a part’ and ‘Deadline’. He performed across Poland, Lithuania and in New York. Currently, he is a performer at Studio Matejka in Wrocław with the ‘Angry Man Project’ (shortlisted for best OFF performance) Training in Brazilian Artform Capoeira since 2009, now with Mestre Velho Jose, group Olorum.

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