Out of Body: Film Screening & Panel

'A mind-blowing film which might just transform your idea of what it means to be human' 
 - Dr Jessica Bockler, Transpersonal Psychologist and director of Alef Trust. 

Psychedelic Society are proud to present the ground breaking INSIGHT OUT documentary film, followed by a panel discussion with leading researchers and academics in the fascinating realm of out of body experiences; how they manifest, what they can mean, and their transformational effects in peoples lives. 

Characters from Stranger Things to Star Wars often use Out of Body Experiences to see people and places beyond the physical body...but is it just science fiction? 

In 2014 Jade Shaw had a powerful Out of Body Experience that transformed her life. She left a 12 year career in the arts and her own company to explore the phenomena in her MSc Transpersonal Psychology research. 

Her quest for answers took her around the world where she interviewed experts such as New York Times bestseller neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, former NASA physicist Tom Campbell, psychedelic researcher Dr David Luke and Mexican Shaman Sergio Magana to find out if human consciousness can really expand beyond the brain? 

During this journey she discovered ordinary people with similar stories whose experiences had shaped their lives in profound ways. 


Host: Charlie Morley Lucid dream teacher 
Anthony Peake Consciousness and perception researcher 
Dr Oliver Robinson Director Beyond the Brain Conference and Psychologist Greenwich University  
Dr David Luke Psychedelic Researcher Greenwich University 
Luciana Haill Neuroscience of sleep and live EEG surveillance and retrieval of dreams 
Jade Shaw OBE researcher and teacher 
Graham Nicholls Director of the Out of Body and Near Death Experience Society UK  


Dr Eban Alexander (neurosurgeon) Author of Proof of Heaven 
Dr Tom Campbell (physicist) Author of My Big T.O.E 
Dr Peter Fenwick (neuro-psychiatrist) Author of The Art of Dying 
Sergio Magana (Mexican Toltec Shaman) Author of The Toltec Secret & Caves of Power 
William Buhlman (Monroe Institute & OBE expert) Author of Adventures Beyond the Body 
Charlie Morley (Tibetan Buddhist Lucid Dream expert) Author of Dreams of Awakening and Dreaming through Darkness 
Dr Penny Sartori (Near Death Experience expert) Author of The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences 
Dr Susan Blackmore (OBE researcher) Author of Seeing Myself: The New Science of Out of Body Experiences 
Dr Steve Taylor (spiritual awakening researcher) Author of The Leap and Spirit Science 
Dr David Luke (psychedelics & altered states researcher) 
Anthony Peake (Consciousness researcher) Author of The Out of Body Experiences & Opening the Doors of Perception 
Graham Nicholls (OBE expert) Author of Navigating the Out of Body Experience 
Rodrigo Montenegro (Neurologist) Author of The Out of Body Experience an experiential anthology. 
Tim Freke (philosopher) Author of Soul Story and Lucid Living 


"Easily the best produced documentary on astral projection ever to come out of the UK."  ~ Charlie Morley Lucid Dreaming teacher and Hay House author. 

'It reminds us to reconnect with our eternal being and to do the inner work necessary to live more fruitful physical and spiritual lives~ Luigi Sciambarella, The Monroe Institute UK. 

'By the end of the film, I was convinced of the importance of this fascinating topic’ ~ Dr Oliver Robinson programme director Psychology Greenwich University. 


DOORS OPEN: 18:30 
To avoid disruption to the event, latecomers may not be admitted. 

ENQUIRIES: info@jadeshaw.com

REFUND POLICY: We do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage using reselling on Ticketswap 

ACCESS: This event relies on seeing and may not be suitable for the visually impaired. Our UK events are not intended as a space for ingesting psychedelics. We kindly ask you to respect this request.

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