Out of the Ordinary: An immersive Art Experience

A Cherece Lucina Curation - Out of the Ordinary Art Experience:

Out of the Ordinary is a day of extraordinary live art, sound and performance designed to expand your consciousness, and delve into the inner realms of your psyche.
Discover a sublime mix of psychedelic poetry, circus, beat-box sound healing, and installation art that will blow your mind and soothe your soul.

As this event is intimate, there will be a limited number of tickets so book soon to gain in the full experience.

The Experiences:

Rebecca Rainbow - Immersive poetry

Rebecca Rainbow’s electric spoken word will leave you drenched in shimmering fractal colour. She has been performing for over 15 years at festivals and private events all over the UK.

CounterReality: You are making the world better by being you! By Lihui Lang - Immersive Art

Pink elephant is coming to London!

Connect with your imagination and unlock your potential in these unique imagination exercises designed to deepen your enquiry into self and other. This live art experience will explore questions around identity, and invite you to create portraits of each other, that will leave you with a deeper understanding of yourself.

CounterReality is a creative studio founded by Lihui Liang in San Francisco, California, in August 2017. CounterReality is the world of essence. It is a place for you to understand who you are and explore your purpose, through the power of imagination. Come to our art experiences and philosophy discussions to learn about yourself, other people, and the world. We also provide paintings, accessories, books, and many other creative products as tools of inspiration.

Website: http://CounterReality.com

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/CounterReality

The Elevator by Marv Radio - Beat Box Sound Healing

The Elevator is a transformative group meditation that begins as a shamanic sound healing, and ends in a high energy rave!
Learn how to use your voice to empower and heal yourself. Bliss out to a psychedelic sound bath and guided visualisation, and let go of all the baggage you’ve been carrying as we transition to a live-music ecstatic dance. This session combines beatboxing, loopstation and improvised vocal mantras to elevate you to the highest vibration.

Marv Radio is a pioneer of vocal arts and expression. He is a 3x UK Beatbox Team Champion, vocal artist, and conscious theatre practitioner. Marv uses the voice and other instruments as healing tools in one on one and group sound healing sessions. Marv creates live psychedelic soundscapes for; The Elevator - sound bath and meditation sessions, and Elev8Warrior - yoga and meditation with his partner Loussin-Torah.

Mango Bandits: Supernatural Sea Creatures: Immersive Performance
Supernatural sea creatures are fed up with the constant rain of plastic over their underwater city. They have risen from the depths with their trusty LEDs to spread awareness of marine pollution in a curious and playful manner.

Meet and interact with these fascinating creatures to hear more about their story and where they are going be over the summer.

Mango Bandits specialise in themed walkabout performances with integrated circus props, and theatrical fire spinning. Pooling the skills and resources of over a dozen members, they provide bespoke performances for nearly any environment. From circus performers to actors to clowns, they are the tinkers and tailors of entertainment.

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