Psychedelic Breathwork

A unique collaboration between The Psychedelic Society ( and Alchemy of Breath - Healing Conscious Breathwork (

This is an invitation to journey using the power of your own breath, to embrace what wants to be discovered, and to use not just your mind, but the intelligence in your heart and your gut too. Many people that have practised breathwork have called it the most powerful experience of their lives.

If you have had intense psychedelic or other out of body experiences that you are finding it hard to make sense of, you may find the Alchemy of Breath a great way to integrate that awareness into daily life. 

Bring a mat and a blanket, cushion, some paper and something to draw/write on - most of all your own sense of vigorous inquiry and curiosity!

We have a few free/by donation places for people who are unemployed or on benefits. Please email if you think you qualify for one of these spaces. 

"A conscious breathwork practice is the vehicle to access parts of the body, psyche and spirit that otherwise remain hidden. There is no drug, and no teacher greater than the God that exists in each of us. The practice of inspiring (bringing in spirit) is the quickest access route to that teacher inside us, and the warmest welcome we can give ourselves to a new world of possibilities, both for our own personal growth and self healing, and as an example for others. It is the fastest path to our own mastery and self compassion that becomes the root of outward love to those that surround us.

For me it's an honour to hold space for others to explore these delicate, sensitive elements of themselves, and to see how quickly they are able to achieve resolution with issues that may have been troubling them for a lifetime. Wherever a person is on their journey, the breath can help them dig deep into their own understanding and support them through shadow work and into a spiritual openness and peace that is free and available at all times! The breath is the greatest gift we never really received; and with the burgeoning quantities of people embracing its full potential, it is being understood for what it can do - it can change the world, one breath at a time!"

— Anthony Abbagnano, founder of the Alchemy of Breath

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