Psychedelic Experience Retreat: 27-30 September 2018

** Please note there is 1 place remaining for a man (in a male shared room), and that this weekend will be filmed. There will be only one camera and the filmmaker will be extremely discreet and sensitive so as not to negatively impact the experience. If you would like to participate in being filmed, that's wonderful. If not, you are still welcome to attend, and your anonymity will be completely assured. About 1/3 of the participants are participating in the filming, while the rest will not be filmed and their identity will remain completely confidential. If you would like more information, as well as to apply, please email **

Join us for a 4-day Experience Weekend, exploring the use of psilocybin truffles, with focus on preparation, navigation and integration in an intentional group environment . We continually receive feedback from participants along the lines "I only wish it could have lasted longer". We listened and acted. We will still only have one psychedelic ceremony but use the extra time for more in-depth preparation for and integration of the experience. 

*Please note that we are offering lower income tickets to those who really struggle to amass the funds to pay for such an experience. If you can afford to pay for a private room supplement, then you probably don't fall into this category, so we would like to discourage anyone from buying a low income ticket + private supplement, so as to leave the low income tickets for those who really can't afford to pay any more. We hope you understand. Please also note that high income tickets are self select, which allows us to offer lower income tickets and scholarships to others. If you can afford this option, please select it.

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