Psychedelic Magic Workshop

Psychedelic Magic
Full-day Workshop - Julian Vayne
£75 (£40 deposit)
This full day teaches how to achieve psychedelic states without drugs, using methods including shaking, spinning, dancing, drumming and breathwork. It also shows how to to introduce intentions into these states, to create change in yourself and the world. Combining traditional shamanic knowledge and modern neurological research, this workshop is a highly accessible day of practical technique. It is suitable for both experienced practitioners and people new to exploring altered states of awareness.

Julian Vayne has been practising magic for thirty years. Also a writer, he is best known for his chaos magic writings, most recently Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony.

Price: £75 (Deposit £40, balance of £35 due on the day)
Registration: book online

Time: Arrive 10.50 for 11 am start. Ends 5.30 pm

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