Psychedelic Movement Journey - With Alana Bloom

What would it be like to fully commit to expressing ourselves through our physicality? If we truly surrendered and gave ourselves the permission to embody our own unique dance, where might that journey take us?

Movement & dance has the potential, if we fully surrender, to raise our state of awareness, connect in with something deeper, and alter the perception of our reality through our bodies experience.This special collaboration is aimed at creating a sacred ceremonial space where we can feel held to explore and trip out at our bodies capacity to express. This is also the opportunity for us to further integrate our own psychedelic experiences by having the chance to embody our processing through physical movement, and abandoning the need for our cerebral minds to understand.

By creating a held ritual space, we will dive into exploring our bodies and the possibilities that it opens for altered states of consciousness. After grounding into an opening circle we’ll spend 90 minutes journeying into and with our bodies. You will be given space, you will be given suggestions, guidance, journeys, way’s to connect with your body and your imagination. This event will be a guided physical exploration where radical permission is granted for your dance, whatever it is. We will close with a gorgeous sound bath from Sanga Sanga’s very own Gong and sounding instruments to ground ourselves, ready to melt into the juicy energy we have created in our bodies.

Come and join us for this beautiful event and exploration. There will be tea maybe some juicy energy balls or treats on a donation basis. This is a sober event. 

Alana is an artist in the realms of movement, physical theatre, dance, circus, facilitation and singing/songwriting. She co-hosts a creative residency in Italy called The Warren which dives deep into powerful creative exploration and in 2017 she created her solo project Artemis which is a powerful expression through movement, of a Goddesses relationship with nature and a woman's journey to embody the role of the Guardian, an embodied prayer for change.
Insta: alanablooms

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