Psychedelic Movement — Facilitated by Alana Bloom 

Psychedelic Movement is a regular happening at the psychedelic societies new space in London that is a held ritualistic space that creates the opportunity for us to explore our bodies capacity to express and integrate our experiences, psychedelic or otherwise.

It is inspired by the journey of the psychedelic trip and it’s ability to pull us into the present, to connect us with our body, plus the joy and creativity of dancing whilst peering into the interconnected web that psychedelics can make us aware of. Movement & dance has the potential, if we fully surrender, to raise our state of awareness, connect in with something deeper, and alter the perception of our reality through our bodies experience.

This space invites us to explore the possibilities of the imagination, of embodiment, of trance, held ritual space and movement medicine. It is a space to cultivate deep acceptance and radical creative expression. It’s an inclusive space for people, all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual preference or otherwise. It is a space for research and exploration, for getting it wrong. A place to banish fear of failure and encourage authenticity and honesty.

Each session will have different theme’s and different invitations, a curated journey to encourage us to drop into our physical awareness, our imagination, creating space to discover our own unique movement and personal physical expression through dance.

This might include

Opening & closing circle
Intention setting
Using voice & sound
Gongs & Tibetan singing bowls
Body scan/Check in. 
Totems and Altar
Using Lunar and Seasonal Cycles

Our first session is on the the 30th of September from 13:00 – 16:00 and we will be exploring the senses and elements as our starting point.

Spaces are limited and cost £15 although no one will be turned away through lack of funds please get in touch about sliding scale places.

Alana is an artist in the realms of movement, physical theatre, dance, circus, creative facilitation and singing/songwriting. She event produces for the Psychedelic Society and co-hosts a creative residency in Italy called The Warren, which dives deep into powerful creative exploration. In 2017 she created her solo project Artemis which is a powerful expression through movement of an embodied prayer for change. She currently is performing in Divine Proportions, a mythological feast based on the Dionysian myth, with Shotgun Carousel at the Vaults.

Insta: alanablooms

Photo by Jack Davolio  Taken from The Warren Creative Residency 2017 

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