Psychedelic Poetry

Here the focus will be on poetry as the discovery of the undiscovered,
the silence speaking, the secrets unfolding, and the membrane
between Here and There becoming ever more porous.

This is poetry as communication-
between the constituent parts of self
and between self and not-self,
the inside and the outside.

Here we will learn to listen to the silence, to speak to silence, to have silence
answer back.

We will learn to turn the dial and move through the frequencies, tuning in to
broadcasts and transcribing what we hear.

We will try to separate signal from noise, 'Frustrator' from 'Instructor'
sense from nonsense, and then we will look again and ask if perhaps,
hidden in the noise, is more signal, if sense does not sometimes
disguise itself as nonsense and truth sometimes speak in riddles.

To both pay attention to the surface manifestations and to dive down into the depths
and to ask, for every communique we receive and transcribe

"Who's voice is this? Who or what am I speaking to?"

While the focus is on the process of communication, both listening and speaking, we
will also think about how to write well, that is to say, with as much accuracy, concision and
precision as possible.

We will write poems continually, both separately and in collaboration, as a group.

Hosted by Luke Davis

Luke Davis
became a poet 23 years ago. He chooses to write directly for the public without
any screen or intermediary between himself and his audience and can be found
with his friends, collaborators and colleagues with a typewriter on the banks of
the Thames, near Shakespeare's Globe.

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