Psychedelic Priestess Portal: With Devotional Yoga and Gong Bath

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Psychedelic Priestess Portal - With Devotional Yoga and Gong Bath

Gaia Harvey Jackson, leader of Psychedelic Women’s Circle and Graell Corsini, founder of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, welcome you for this very special collaboration to activate the opening of the Priestess Portal right here in London.

This is a unique opportunity to receive the gifts and wisdom of Graell’s initiation into the Priestess Arts, where you will learn the feminine gateway codes of our ancestors.

During the event you will Experience:
Devotional Yoga: A fusion of elemental invocation, Kundalini Yoga, and embodiment prayer to awaken your prana and heighten your devotional connection to self.
Dance of the Magda: A sacred womb dance, witnessing what is held in the raw power of your brave and holy cave.
Priestess Puja: Create powerful devotional rituals for each other, drawing on traditional puja elements and your own ignited imagination to celebrate and empower your fellow priestesses.
Healing Sound Bath: Ground and integrate your experience with a healing sound bath of gongs, singing bowls, hang drum and sacred singing, giving yourself full permission to rest, receive and resource yourself before stepping out into the world.

Bios and Testimonials

Graell Corsini is the founder and director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, international workshop leader, priestess of the veils of birth and death and kundalini yoga teacher. Graell embodies and bridges the ancient and holy lands of Avalon, Mt. Shasta, footsteps of the Magda. Creator of Priestess and Knights of the Goddess Weekend Immersions, Worldwide Goddess Temple raising consultant. Graell’s unconditional love illuminates your soul’s gifts, creating safety and space to birth your authenticity.

" I had a profound initiatory experience with Graell in Glastonbury, England Summer 2010 that has basically transformed my life and deepened my spiritual path in surprising, delightful, and profound ways.
~Marguerite Rigogliosa, Ph.D, author, The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, Virgin Mother Goddessess of Antiquity, Director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

" Graell brings the deep wild roots of connection to the Goddess through the land and our bodies, and knows how to express the Beauty of the Divine in movement, stillness and action. Her workshops are transformative, empowering, positive, healing and beautiful!"
~Katinka Soetens, Priestess of Avalon, Glastonbury, England, Director of Modern Magdalene Mysteries' esoteric, sacred sexuality mystery school

Gaia Harvey Jackson is the founder of Psychedelics Women’s Circles and Sanga Sanga. She is a ritual artist, sound healer and workshop facilitator. Gaia’s work fuses elements of ancient pagan ritual, conscious sensuality practices and sound healing to create deep transformational spaces for people to open into their most vibrant aliveness.

"Bringing her wisdom, kindness and love, Gaia creates a delicious little crucible which we can all enter into and hang out in, with our truths, our vulnerabilities, our troubles and our joys... together. The result is different every time. The result is quite simply alchemy.​"

- Mariella, Participant​

This event is for women, transgender women and non-binary people in female bodies.

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