Psychedelic Series: Astrology

What do you see when you gaze up at the night sky? A countless infinity of blazing infernos, factories for the elements that make up all life? A cosmos full of wonder and meaning, winking and glinting its wisdom at us through the motions of the planets? Or a gaping void all-too-sparsely populated, obscured by the grey and orange smear of humanity's midnight anxieties? In the desert of meaning gifted to us by modernity, the enormity of the universe can overwhelm us with vertigo. Our tiny lives seem reduced to insignificance against the cosmic microwave background. Where are the constellations our ancestors drew onto the speckled fabric of the firmament?

Remember: we are stardust, and what moves the celestial bodies also moves us. The music of the spheres is the same music we hear in dreams, that the birds sing, that followed Perspephone into the underworld and played gently in the background of the diviner's hut. We are subject to the same forces that formed the earth, conduct the imperceptible ballet of the moon's phases and collect the debris of aeons into Saturn's rings. "As above, so below" goes the esoteric maxim – and this rings true vividly for astrology, the study of archetypal resonance between the motions of heavenly bodies, and the movements of the human experience.

After a divinatory detour into the world of Tarot, and a living legend of a Mythology night, we're proud to welcome two unconventional practitioners of the astrological arts into the cozy confines of the Cube Microplex once more. We're thrilled to welcome Fernanda Paiva from Hitchhiking Stars, who will guide us on a journey through the rich tapestry of the planets, signs and houses, stopping off at causality and the archetypes... how does Jungian psychology intersect with our birth charts? Also joining us will be John Wadsworth of Kairos Astrology, who will (meteor) shower us with a deep dive into the zodiac as medicine wheel, a path to wholeness and healing... and the interactive, shamanic practice of astrodrama.

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