Play is the highest from of presence, allowing ourselves to step over into the world of imagination and laughter where we may discover whole new dimensions right under our noses.

We are uncovering the space of pure laughter at the everyday things we encounter, the games all around us all the time. The egoless state of pure play and imagination that can be accessed through psychedelics is already inside. Welcome home.

A good friend recently said to me, “all my best friends are the perfect blend of silly and serious.” This offering is a way into finding and cultivating playfulness and silliness to bring a bounce to your step and a glint to your eyes. We will play games and use techniques from clown to break the mould of seriousness we can find ourselves in all to often and bring that lighter side of our selves out and into our everyday interactions. Bring yourself, you will be held gently and lovingly, be prepared to laugh.

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