Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation

Psychedelic Yoga: Yoga for the preparation, navigation & integration of the psychedelic experience.

As a theme for this session we will be focussed on the psychedelic experience of ego-death! Alongside postures, breathing techniques, mudras, mantras and philosophy, there will be a guided sound meditation, drawing from the yogic philosophy of Vedanta, in which we will visualise the state of oneness that can be experienced when we journey beyond the body, beyond the mind and beyond the ego. ‘Those who die, before they die, do not die, when they die!’(Quote from a 16th century monk). The sound meditation will be created with a 38” Sun Gong, Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, steel tongued & shamanic drums, ocean drum, harmonica, shruti box & shanti chimes.

Doors open at 7:00pm for a 7.15pm start. The session lasts for 1hrs 45 mins. We invite you to join us for a cup of tea & social at the end of the session.

Yoga mats & blankets are provided.

Standard tickets are £15 / Concessions are £12
Unfortunately no tickets will be available on the door.

What is Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation?
There are many parallels between the states of consciousness that can be reached through yoga & the psychedelic experience. In ‘Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation’, we aim to equip participants with yogic techniques to prepare the body & mind for the psychedelic experience, whilst practicing tools which can assist in the navigation & integration of those experiences. Each session has a different theme & a guided sound meditation created for that theme. The ‘sound meditation’ is designed to enable participants to journey within, facilitating enhanced states of consciousness. Participants will be guided through processes designed to enable them to develop deeper connections with themselves & one another. Sessions will include postures, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, philosophy, meditation & sound, in a supportive, fun & friendly environment.

The yoga postures & meditation techniques are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and can be practiced by all levels of ability.

Phil & Jamie created Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation in association with The Psychedelic Society & have been organising monthly sessions in London for the past few years.

The class is led by Phil, who has practised yoga and meditation since 1971. He has studied in the UK and India with the Ramakrisha Vedanta Centre, the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and the Rigpa Organisation. He became qualified as a yoga teacher in 2001 through the British Wheel of Yoga and trained in Pranayama Yoga in 2002. To find out more about Phil’s yoga teaching visit:

Jamie is a qualified sound healer & gong practitioner, who has trained with Sheila Whittaker & the College of Sound Healing. He works with meditation & sound to facilitate enhanced states of consciousness. He is a passionate advocate of the healing potential of plant medicines, sound & meditation. He brings his experience of combining these areas to co-create the sound journeys & guided meditations in Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation, alongside offering individual sound healing sessions & organizing a number of sound healing events in London on a monthly basis. You can find out more about the sound healing work Jamie does @

Jamie & Phil both have extensive experience of personal work with psychedelic medicines. They have also facilitated on The Psychedelic Experience weekends in the Netherlands organised by The Psychedelic Society, combining yoga & sound healing to enhance participants journeys within.

Find out about future events & check out photos from recent sessions by visiting the Psychedelic Yoga Facebook page @

These sessions aren’t designed for people to take psychedelics at. However, The Psychedelic Society does organise ‘Psychedelic Experience Weekends’ - for more information please visit

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation Testimonials:
“Psychedelic yoga experience is so much more than your average yoga class. Every event is prepared and delivered with a lot of love and care and it's unique every time…Meditation, yoga, chanting and the sound bath all together was indeed a very healing beautiful treat.” Linda

“The discussion and meditation explored ideas of consciousness and perception that people who have taken psychedelics have experienced, but others might be familiar with from dreams or meditative states. It’s a really thoughtful class for anyone interested in combining aspects of diverse practices into a coherently flowing yoga and meditation session.” Stacy H

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