Psycherence is the Baltic’s biggest consciousness and psychedelics conference that gives us an opportunity to meet the planet’s four leading experts in the field coming to present their greatest ideas throughout their lifelong work. Psycherence offers a vision, a complimentary approach to what science has already given us in understanding this intriguing and interesting spectrum of ideas.

The conference is an experience on its own taking place in Tallinn’s biggest and most modern concert hall. It offers a unique atmosphere bringing together artistic, aesthetic, musical and intellectual delights. It is a melting pot of ingenious ideas, world’s greatest minds, psychedelic arts, musical performances and culinary delights. It partners with the artists from Burning Man Festival and introduces guests to innovative sound concepts. Psycherence is an intriguing experience offering us an atmospheric scenario from the mystical fields of the psychedelic world.

Psycherence plays with the ideas of understanding the function and existence of consciousness. What is it? Are we ready to grasp its ingenuity and understand the nature of the consciousness we carry?

The conference takes place in Tallinn, Estonia, on September 21. readers and subscribers are welcome to use a discount code valid until the 10th of August to purchase the conference ticket for 150 euro. The discount code is "happy2cu".

The conference main presenters:

Luis Eduardo Luna (Brazil)
“The Yajé/Ayahuasca Banisteriopsis Complex, a Cultural, Scientific, and Artistic Overview”

Dennis McKenna (USA)
“Bitter Brews and other abominations: A Pharmacognostic Survey of Mind-altering natural substances”

Susan Blackmore (UK)
“Mysteries of consciousness: Falling in and out of illusion”

Jeremy Narby (Switzerland)
“Plants as teachers / plants as persons”

More about the event:

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