Rune Magic and Norse Seidre: A day workshop with Andreas Kornevall

"Have you forgotten that the old forest is your home?" - Bo Setterlind

This workshop is for those who want to deepen their understanding of the magical and spiritual heritage of old Northern Europe.

On this day long workshop you will learn about the runic tradition and the Gods and Goddesses that stand behind these ancient signs. This will be a journey into practical runic reading, elder magic and ceremony. Poetry, storytelling, trance journeys and music will be used to access this intuitive knowledge. The workshop will include traditional practices such as visualisation, meditation, divination, ceremony, spell-work, and learning individual power songs (galders).

Materials will be prepared for the art of talismanic carving and you will learn the symbols and numerology they used in antiquity. Nine runes of power will be carved by each participant on the day and all materials will be provided. Central to the work will be an inner journey through the sacred Ash Tree: Yggdrasil - this is similar to a "shamanic" trance journey or pathfinding. We will also study our local plants and how we evolved with them, an important part of the exploration as much surrounding the lore of entheogenic plants of Northern Europe has been hidden from common knowledge.

The day will conclude with a traditional blot ceremony dedicated to the first witch of the world, Goddess Freya - if you can, please bring either some mead, amber, poetry, or very dark chocolate to lay at her feet; or a piece of memory from your ancestors.

It will be a full day; please bring a pen, notepad, yoga mat and blanket to lie on if you can.

“Andreas Kornevall offers a powerful immersive experience of travelling into Norse mythology and Runic divination, food for both soul and intellect. Understanding Runic script as mythic symbols opens a door into the archetypes that inform all human existence, and Andreas' deep knowledge and love for his subject is truly inspirational.”

- Professor Angela Voss, Christ Church University

“listening to Andreas’ stories by the fire is the best place to be right now…”

- Allison Ferns on BBC Radio

"Andreas weaves the mystery of the runes into the fabric of mythology and storytelling. His workshop enabled me to follow a deeper and personal journey into my own path of Norse shamanism and for that it transformed my life.”

- Serena Constance, founder of Runes and Roses

“One of the best storytellers I have heard recently…I would absolutely recommend that you go and hear Andreas for yourselves…"

- Wendy Atkinson, GuestHouse Storytellers

“Andreas is emerging as a force in UK myth-telling - uncoating the tracks we've faltered to leave behind.”

- The Gathering Point, Amsterdam

The Psychedelic Society, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, UK, E9 6AB

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