Sensing Symbiosis - The Thinning of the Veil

An ecological eye on existence

In the shining drop of dew that forms at the tip of an unfurling fern, there are whole civilisations of microbes that rise and fall whilst it glints in the sun. On the underside of the leaf as it matures, clusters of tiny catapults form and fling their spores into the air, joining the myriad of other microscopic propagules drifting gently along, seeking a resting place from which they can grow new life.

Sensing Symbiosis is a seasonal sequence of events that invites you to come and immerse yourself in the great outdoors and to wonder at the complexities and beauty that the world around us holds.

Each session will explore a selection of interesting and unusual elements of the natural world. We will navigate the ecology and biology of plants, animals and fungi through a scientific lens, and then venture into the magical and mysterious secret life of nature through folklore, mythology, ethnobotany and natural

Led by mycologist and natural historian Rich Wright (previously from Kew Gardens and Avon Wildlife Trust) and embellished with folklore and performances by professional storyteller Kat Lyons, each session will be carefully crafted to take you on a journey that will widen your eyes with wonder, helping you shake off the smog of the city and feel a little bit more at home on your beautiful planet.

Each of the sessions will include some of the following, depending on the site and time of year:

• Beginners skills in plant, insect and fungal ID
• Animal tracking
• Field ecology
• Ecological principles
• Beginners soil science
• Interesting discoveries from scientific research
• European and global folklore, mythology and ethnobotany
• Use of magnifiers and microscopes
• Natural geometry
• Herbalism
• Bush craft
• The mind and nature
• Outdoor meditation

Sensing Symbiosis - The Thinning of the Veil

Arnos Vale Cemetery, 13th October 2018 – 1:30pm – 4pm

As Samhain and the end of the old year approaches the veil grows thin. Every candle casts a shadow and this month we will explore the plants, fungi and animals entangled in the darker side of the science and folklore of decay. From forest witches to faery knights, graveyard sacrifices to sacred trees, immortal invertebrates to zombie insects, we’ll have many chilling tales to share. Step through the mythological doors to the other worlds, find horrors waiting in the woods, and return with a renewed appreciation for the light.

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