Sensual Flow - A Day Retreat

Sensual Flow - A Day Retreat

Sharing Circle - Dance - Alchemical Meditation
This retreat dedicates a day to celebrate all the facets of our sensual self.

The falling leaves of autumn call for us to slowly reel our energy back inwards. We will share together our harvest of experiences from this glorious summer, and pay our dues of loving gratitude and attention to our body, our temple. Take a holiday from your daily affairs to travel inside yourself.

“ If you cannot find it in your own body, where will you go to find it? ”
The Upanishads

We will share movement and stories, taking the time to explore the energetic exchange within ourselves and with others as we weave through the day. We will invite music, dance, alchemy into our field, going from flow to stillness, learning from and with each other’s experience.

This experience is designed like a poem, to delight our playful side. To allow us space to dream together, to feed the different needs of our body and inquisitive mind.

- Sex Magic Circle - A Sharing Circle around Sexuality

This is a circle to share our experiences of sexual energy, and trust in the medicine of others as our mirrors - bringing a fresh perspective into our own understanding, and providing respectful witnessing.

- Taoist Sexual Alchemy Meditation

In this space, we are silencing the mind to listen to the body and feel the internal movements of sexual/creative energy, which connects us to the cosmos and flows through our spine, our internal organs. This is an extremely powerful medium of activation and transformation, especially around the full moon.

- Tango/Contact Dance

We're going to guide our limbs to work on communication, trust and surrender. The focus is on sensing the external movement as a result of the internal movement, and the pleasure of being present in the body and its sensuality.

Sound Journey

A grounding sound experience with Maria Nikonova to close the day and integrate the energy into our cells.

Your hosts

Joy Thunder holds space for individuals and groups to connect to their sexual energy and channel it for healing and expansion. She works one-on-one through Sex Magic Tarot Readings and holds women’s circles and sharing circles about sexuality. She is a French witch, a passionate dancer, traveller, writer, plant-whisperer. - @joynthunder

Luz Guevara is an Argentinian artist and therapist that walks the path of healing through her holistic tattoos, movement, meditation and acupuncture. From personal experience she uses these tools as a means to move the creative/sexual energy and release ingrained patterns, giving a therapeutic support to the processes of change and transformation.

Please get in touch with for further information about the day. Any ticket enquiries to

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