Psychedelics & The Shadow

Psychedelics & The Shadow is a workshop designed to gently introduce us to our shadow – the repressed and sometimes challenging aspects of self that are so often rejected in society and can cause us to feel overwhelmed, ashamed or out of control when they do manifest. This can often happen in psychedelic experiences and can cause us to become more fearful of journeying into these hidden aspects of self.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to explore their shadow in a safe container, understand what the hidden needs are of the shadow and find tools to have a functional relationship with their hidden psyche.

The intention is for participants to learn a greater awareness around their shadow selves – what is the shadow's wants and needs, why it causes us to “act out” and how to have a more compelling dialogue with it so that we might work with it rather than against it.

Over the course of two hours we will be doing partner work and group work, drawing on tools used in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming for navigating a safe and revealing passage into this aspect of our inner world. The workshop is in a beautiful and nurturing retreat space setting with a kitchen and garden for us to ground in.

Facilitator Dominique Antonina is a qualified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki and Life Coaching. You can read information on the techniques used and read testimonials on

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