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The Lucia No.3 and Pandora Star are both powerful, strobing light technologies that can induce dramatic shifts in consciousness. Tibetan Monks having tried this say they normally only achieve these states after 2 or 3 hours deep meditation.

Both technologies are also used in a therapeutic setting for healing, and on some occasions, for enhancing neuroplasticity and creativity.

Following two popular evenings here, this day workshop is a chance to go deep inside yourself. There will also be an invitation to achieve a sense of one-ness with others present. All along, you'll be guided to open up to the lights in a safe and nurturing environment.

Everyone reports unique experiences, from seeing colours that cannot be experienced in normal reality, to seemingly out-of-body experiences, astral travel and more. It is common for people to say they didn’t know light could be this powerful.

Well, it can!

The pulsing lights work on the mind by down-regulating beta-waves and up-regulating alpha, theta and gamma waves. The lights can bring about a state of deep calm, wonder, or out-of-body experiences. If music is played, an experience of synaesthesia is normal, meaning that sound takes on a visual component.

A typical report is an extraordinary perception of complex shapes and sometimes subtle, sometimes intense colours, along with a state of deepening relaxation. Some say this is reminiscent of a DMT trip. It’s impossible to represent in the image above since the exquisite palette of colours doesn't seem to exist in the external world and everyone says they never realised that their minds are just so beautiful and magical!

As a spiritual endeavour, this experience is an invitation to practise surrender, because the visuals can lead you far if you allow them and just go with them.

The Psychedelic Society, in collaboration with Alistair, Nigel and Saif are excited to be presenting a deeper opportunity to experience it yourself after two successful evenings with this technology.

As an experiential event, and since only 2-3 people can sit under each light at a time, numbers are limited to just 12 people.

There will be a grounding in preparation for what can be quite an intense experience.

After being invited into a state of readiness, everyone will have a taster of 3-5 mins to check your tolerance. After this, you will have the opportunity to try a ten minute session under the light. With continual guidance on hand, you can then explore longer sessions of 25 minutes or so.

After your journey, you will be guided in creating an impression of your experience through poetry, visual art, musical expression if you bring an instrument, or simply sharing in a circle. This in itself can be a very valuable and integrative experience, bridging insights into your daily life.

The lights are not for people who suffer from seizures from photosensitive epilepsy, and not recommended for people who are currently experiencing emotional challenges or significant instability in their lives.

After thousands of trials, nearly everybody who tries the lights reports a completely positive experience. Very rarely, people with an extremely sensitive psyche may need to stop after a shorter period of time, but this does not mean the benefits will be any the less for them.

This is a very unique opportunity since no one else has both of these light machines together and can offer both these experiences in tandem. Please consider carefully if this is right for you, and if so book early to avoid disappointment. We look forward to having you here.

Please bring a vegan dish for a communal lunch with others present, everyone prepping and sharing together.

We do not recommend this event for those that:

* have photosensitive epilepsy (normally childhood onset and resolved by 18-20 years)

* are taking strong medication for severe depression or psychosis.

* have had recent eye surgery.

* are pregnant.

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