Siberian Shamanic Ecstatic Dance with Tara Aharata

Aho with Tara Aharata offers you a chance to dialogue with Self on a journey of personal expression and sensory awareness. The intention is exploring and allowing the use of an altered state to bring clarity, healing and ultimately ecstasy!

Ecstatic Dance teaches one not to plan the movement but to respond to the body's innate wisdom and guidance, accepting and dealing with what is presenting itself in this NOW moment.

We connect to the elements through movement and other practices because we have found them to be great allies, and working with them is a beautiful way to connect with and to honour the elemental world that we inhabit. This is true both in terms of their actual physical essence inside and outside us and because they offer us a rich and varied language of metaphor for our movement practice and a way to identify with something that is both an essential part of who we are and something that exists way beyond us. We have found that a deeper relationship with the elements instills inside us a wish to reciprocate and to care more about the environment around us.

This communication with the unconscious mind develops over time. Being prepared to connect with whatever your greater wisdom wishes to express and not what your conscious mind dictates, will deepen your experience. Some people have life-altering encounters with themselves the first time, some have gentle revelations and others enjoy a darn good time. If you are prepared to commit yourself fully to your experience, doing the step by step- chances are things will shift for you.

Opening Circle
Sacred Water Meditation (a Shamanic way of Healing the organs) and to tune in the moment!
Sage smudging
The breath of purification
Start the dance journey
DANCE step by step, tuning into each element, rising energy into trance, freedom, and creativity.

Lie down and rest in stillness while Tara will SOUND BATH us with shamanic music made by her shamanic Siberian instruments to allow healing energy deeply take you to a place of pure bliss.
Closing circle – sharing love through sharing some words or your experience and going home with the feeling of a newborn sacred being.

What to Expect:
1. Transcendental, conscious and inspiring electronic dance music and Siberian Shamanic healing music.
2. A beautifully warm and colourful sacred space
3. A safe place filled with sacred sounds, joyful vibrations for you to express your soul freely in motion and rhythm, without masks, without judgments.
4. Vibrant people with gorgeous smiles

What you need:
1. Comfortable clothes
2. water bottle.
3. a blanket.

£35 in advance via website or via meet-up £40 on the night.

Iaha Tara
International trainer of personal growth and personal effectiveness, coach, parapsychologist. Expert in the field of interpersonal relations, psychology of women Coach in healing practices, diagnosis of human talents and abilities.

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