Smokin' Hot & Holy - with Joy Thunder

Smokin’ Hot and Holy with Joy Thunder 

Wild one, be welcome. Leave the polished gloss of your civilised self by the door, and return to the pack. Your wild self is sacred. Come bless us with your primal fire.

This journey is about connecting to our animal wisdom, its sharp senses and a-tuned instincts. Howl. Dance. Feel your place in the pack. Feel the presence of your brothers and sisters. Feel their support as we unfurl our untamed, raw nature. There will be words but we will climb down from the brain into our bodies, where self-acceptance and self-love live. We will sharpen our awareness of boundaries to welcome connection, within and with each other.

The heart of your wild self beats to the rhythm of the moon. To know her is to know yourself, deeper. She holds the keys to many of our ancestral teachings, and to retrieve this knowledge is to step back into our power. We will share how her faces, her phases sweep us through cycles of abundance, confusion, withdrawal and play.

We will open our hearts with a cacao ritual. We will offer our ecstatic dancing to the elements. We will unleash our voice and limbs and express our bliss at being alive.

Psychedelic opens doors within us to look deeper at things we already know. Here we will also take a journey into an altered state of consciousness - into our primal wildness. We will walk the bridge to our ancestral wisdom and set ourselves free from the veneer of the civilised ape, its codes, its fear, its conditioning. We will call upon a plant ally to broaden our awareness of self and each other and guide us into a space where we can truly let go.

What to expect

- Community connection and sharing
- Guided meditations
- Practices for deeper connection to our body and others
- Self love, Honouring of self and our boundaries
- Cacao ceremony and dance
- Movement, sound through the phases of the moon
- Liberate your wild animal dance
- Sharing and communication of sexual energy

About Joy 

Joy works with sexual energy in groups, through Sex Magic Circles and Women’s Circles on each turning of the moon. She gives Sex Magic Tarot readings for individuals, using the cards as tools to bring clarity and a broader perspective. Her focus is on creating safe spaces where we can reconnect to that root of our power to act, transform and connect.

Joy is a guardian of the crossroads. She delivers messages between the worlds, between people and continents. She works with ritual, highlighting the paths of power and healing that are within. She is a holistic tattoo artist who holds ceremonies for this ancient rite of passage. Joy is a traveler, a writer, a plant-whisperer who learns from our oldest teacher, the land. She is a traveler who currently lives in the magical Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury.

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