Sound Temple is a sacred space that uses the healing power of sound and intention to re-balance our energy and align us with our highest potential.

The first half of the session will be focused on facilitating a deeper sense of connection to ourselves and each other through ancient sound practices and tantric techniques. Through awakening the heart and unlocking the voice, we open our creative channel so that we feel freer and more able to express and embody our truth.

The second half will be a restorative journey, supporting you to drop into a state of deep relaxation and receptivity, through an immersive guided meditation and sound bath experience. This is designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, soothe the body and create space for you to rest, digest and integrate.

7:00pm - Doors open (no entry after 7.15pm)

7:15pm - Opening circle

7:30pm - Sound Practices - participatory

8:45pm - Sound Journey - receptive

9:30pm - Closing

Kyle works as a transformational coach and facilitator. Trained in numerous modalities she supports the integration of mind, body and soul. Creating sacred, meditative experiences that empower people to express their unique magic and gifts and live from the heart.

Zoe has been working with cacao, devotional song and sound for a number of years. Travelling around the world to learn from shamanic and indigenous traditions, receiving the medicine of ancient wisdom and bringing its healing potential alive through song and ceremony.

Zoe and Kyle began their journey together during a facilitation training for The Yoga of Sound and Chocolate. Here they got to fully experience the magic and power of sound as a tool for healing, which inspired them to co-create first ‘Songs of the Heart’ and now ‘Sound Temple’.

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