Speaking to the Ancestors: An immersive introduction into African ritual

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The Psychedelic Society are honoured to present very special guest Nzambe Divanga from Gabon, Central Africa. Nzambe is an initiated Nganga shaman in the Bwiti Missoko tradition, visiting the UK to share his experience with the ceremonies and rites of the Bwiti tradition.

Bwiti practitioners use the psychedelic root bark of the iboga plant to promote radical spiritual growth, to stabilise the community, and to resolve pathological mental health challenges. Recent studies in the West have found that iboga can significantly reduce withdrawal from opiates and temporarily eliminate substance-related cravings, and is widely sought after as an aid for substance abuse.

The root bark has been consumed for hundreds of years in the Bwiti rite of passage ceremony, as well as during initiation rites and acts of healing. The experience promotes powerful visions and insights that can be profoundly valuable to the initiate.

This workshop invites participants into an immersive introduction from this Central African tradition of communicating with the ancestors. Through the practice of intentional sacred speech as practised since ancient times, you will explore of the meaning of transmission, the power of sacred context, the impact of intentional language and intrapersonal group dynamics.

This is an incredibly unique opportunity to meet with an authentic representative of this rich and ancient tradition and benefit from it’s wisdom.

NZAMBE DIVANGA - Featured speaker

Nzambe Divanga is a Gabonese born Nganga – an initiated practitioner of the Bwiti tradition of Gabon and has been immersed in its practice for over 20 years. He has extensively worked with both Africans and Europeans in workshops, seminaries and most importantly, the ceremonial space and is deeply experienced in the theory, practice and science of African initiation culture.

MICHELANGE QUAY - Translator and assistant

Michelange Quay is Haitian American filmmaker and hypnotherapist, and also a practitioner of Gabonese Bwiti in the Missoko Ngonde rite.

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