Tea Ceremony Workshop

This is our first meeting - part one of the series of practical hands-on workshops about the art of tea: how to apply it in spiritual and social practices.
The emphasis in the workshops is on set, setting, aesthetics, tea knowledge, ritual and philosophical approach. Each gathering would last 2 hrs covering various aspects of the subject and working with different types of tea: puerh, oolong, green tea, dark hei cha etc, teas for everyday drinking and teas of a high ceremonial grade.

In our first workshop we will be focusing on:
- A variety of tea ware and its arrangement.
- Which teas to use to create particular moods and settings.
- Bringing together the elements of nature and our individual creative expression.
- Introduction to tea variety and its effect on the body & mind.
- A brief overview on its use in the past and present.
- Introduction to gong-fu style tea ceremony with each participant trying out steeping the tea in this style.

About the facilitator
Kat discovered tea rituals over 15 years as a form of meditation and art, and was instantly hooked. In the 'hard core' tea drinkers world Kat met many people who reduced or completely gave up the use of alcohol thanks to the tea, especially puerh. Practising tea rituals or just mindful drinking of high grade tea can bring enormous benefits to our mindset, lifestyles and health support.

This workshop is for everybody who would like to practice tea ritual as their daily meditation, and also for those who are looking for something beautiful and healthy to share with their lovers, friends, family and community.

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