The Healer Within: Experience the Powerful Lucia no.3 Light, with Neuroscientist and Psychologist, Dr Dirk Proeckl




This is a rare opportunity to meet and experience the Lucia N°03 under the guidance of its inventor, Dr Dirk Proeckl, neuroscientist and psychologist.

Lucia N°03 is a dramatic, strobing light technology developed by Dr Proeckl and his colleague, Engelbert Winkler, and used at the heart of their clinical healing practice in the Austrian Tyrol.

Dr Proeckl was at the frontier of developing ‘neuro-psychilotic’ therapies. These take the place of therapies using psychedelics in a clinical setting, and have equally potent effects.

Imaging studies from the University of Sussex show brain activity under the Lucia N°03 light to be remarkably similar to what’s seen with the whole spectrum of psychedelics - LSD, DMT and psilocybin.

The loosening of networks deep in the brain under the Lucia N°03, and the building of new networks, mimics closely what happens under the use of psychedelics.

Dr Proeckl has evolved an understanding of the light which challenges a simple mechanistic model of how it interacts with the mind, and takes us into a mystical and transcendent understanding. He has years and years of experience in using the light in a clinical setting, to encourage healing.

Each journey under the Lucia N°03 is unique, and there’s no predictor to where you might go.

Everyone starts with an immersive journey into a world of astonishing colour palettes and fractals; some people meet archetypes, experience lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences and inter-galactic travels. The experiences often evoke journeys with DMT, LSD or psilocybin.

Some people feel a great rush of energy after the experience. Others feel beautifully peaceful and sleepy; there’s no ‘ideal’ experience or need to try to mediate things.

The Psychedelic Society, in collaboration with Dr Proeckl and Alistair, present a wonderful opportunity to experience Lucia N°03.

Facilitator Alistair Siddons has been holding the space at three previous sell-out experiential events with Lucia N°03 at the Psychedelic Society. He has significant personal experience of using the Lucia N°03. to bring about powerful experiences of his own, as well as in guiding others.

During the event, you will have a taster of 5 minutes or so to check your tolerance. After this, you will have the opportunity to try longer and more immersive sessions. There will be plenty of time to share your experiences with others in a safely-held space.

After thousands of trials, nearly everybody who tries the lights reports a completely positive experience. Very rarely, people with an extremely sensitive psyche may need to stop after a shorter period of time, but this does not mean the benefits will be any the less for them.

This is a unique opportunity, with a visiting expert practitioner. Please book early to avoid disappointment! We look forward to having you here.



You can choose to attend either the morning or afternoon session. Please arrive on time so as not to disrupt the process. To maintain a safe space late comers may not be admitted. If attending the morning session, feel free to bring a vegan dish for a communal lunch with others present, so we can enjoy eating together.

Dr Proeckl will also be holding a discussion in the evening which you can attend at reduced price, you can read the details here.

The Lucia N°03 is not for people who suffer from seizures from photosensitive epilepsy. We do not recommend this event for those that:

* are taking strong medication for severe depression or psychosis.

* have had recent eye surgery.

* are pregnant.

Please note that we do not offer refunds or exchanges. You are, however, welcome to exchange your ticket with a friend.

If you have any queries about this event, please contact Alistair

This event is sold out

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